Angels & Devils

During times of crisis, God is with us, so they say
But when the path diverges, who is to say
That the path of truth is this way
And the path of darkness this other way?

During times of crisis, an Angel is sent, to light our way
Seeing her, following her, knowing her, to be true
This is a very difficult thing to do
For the devil's path, all too often, also looks true

It is time, to ignore my rhyme.  Chaotic.
This is the way of paths and crisis
The heart is no guide, despite understanding
The mind of no comfort

Can conviction be found in another?

The Devil speaks of promises.  The Angel, of wisdom.
Why do we want to turn back down the path?
Shunning either choice is the worst of any.

Why is it so hard to be good?
Why is the way not clear?
Is the struggle part of the magic?

Are the gates of heaven open only to those who choose right?
Or is aiming to choose right enough?
Or even merely choosing?
Or to just the lucky few who stumble upon them?

Neal Tibrewala 7/12/04