Poets oft talk about stars
Brilliant, yes,
but far, and out of reach

Poets oft talk about love
an ideal, yes
for poets, not men

I am a man, not a poet

Love is not ideal
Love is not true
Love is not as a star

It is difficult to live
with one's self

Harder still
To love another

Strife, conflict, pain
Wretchedness, fear, guilt
Frustration, emptiness

Also comfort

Love is like a flame
Not a star
It burns not everlasting
but only while tended

Flames can burn, destroy
but also, flames can warm

The flame banishes the darkness
the loneliness

The flames of love, like fire
a great creation of man
use it wisely

This is, of course, one of my love angst pieces.  I use it for more of a message to myself when I become too idealistic.  It's a reminder that even the best things in life come with pain and duty.