The Chronicles of Anyaka &
The Search for the Galadiir

Anyaka adventure path from
Galadiir adventure based on Ghosts of Aniel from Wizards

Cast of Characters

Dungeon Master - Neal Tibrewala

Picture Name Race/Class Player
Borag of Hillfire Orc Fighter Christopher Lee
Urgle Dwarven Cleric Nicole Brandon
Aramil Elven Wizard Eric Stein
Janis Half-Elf Sorceress Nicole Brandon
Osric Human Cleric/Rogue Eric Stein
Snake Elf Rogue Jacob Skalko
Jareth Owl Familiar non-player character
Shalus Half-Orc Mystic non-player character

House Rules

Hero Points
Persistent Summons
Con-based Dying
Mystic Class
Concrete Story Awards


This story is set in the default D&D setting.  This means that only material from the Players Handbook is applicable.  The modules will introduce geographic, divine, and VIP details as the story unfolds.

Places Reference

Character Reference


Anyaka 1: One Day's Journey Into Night

Anyaka 2: History's Horrors Are Often Buried Deep

Anyaka 3: The Heart of the Home

Galaiir 1: The Search for Aneil

Anyaka 4: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Anyaka 5: A Rain for All Tomorrows