Chronicles of Anayaka


(in order of appearance)

Grauth (deceased) - A deceased ogre of no consequence

Allen Godfrey - Lord of Langston.  He is a kind ruler and does not cause the town an undue stress.  He even allows the existence of a thieves guild as long as they stay organized and non-violent.  He has been ruling for many years, but never took a wife.

Aurelius Sanz - male human, tutor of Anyaka.  He is a quiet and secretive man, talks to few, except Anyaka and her father.  He is trusted by Lord Eston who claims he is a powerful paladin for good.

Anyaka  - Beloved Daughter of Lord Allen Godfrey.  She has been living with Godfry since she was a baby. It is now known that she was brought to Godfry by Sanz, and was being protected since it was her destiny to be involved in the recent escape with the Cult of Sharandulaar.

Kelvin Amastad - male human , Langston city watch captain. 

Father Omas Renquist - male human, cleric of Fharlanghn, high priest of Langston

Daviel Corosh - male human, leader of Langston's thieves' guild.  A fair and peacful man, who keeps all crime in Langston non-violent and organized.   He has been known to offer help to people in need, but there is usually something in it for him or his guild too. 

Vladimir (deceased) - Leader of the Bandits who kidnapped Ankaya.  He was a good leader and had faithful followers (for bandits), but he met his end at the teeth of a werebat in a cave outside of Langston.

Ugruk - A bugbear encountered outside of Frosthollow.  Easily charmed by passing sorceresses.

Dorgan Hammerheart - male dwarf, Frosthollow city watch captain.   Strong, string-willed, and sturdy as they come.  Dorgan will give up his life, his sleep, and even ale for his town (in that order, if it came to that!)

Andovan Lockley - male human, Mayor of Frosthollow.  A troubled man since his town was upheaved by attacks from the graveyard.   He now mutters to himself often, though still somehow carries out his mayor duties well.  He is known friends of lords and mayors of the towns and cities in the surrounding area.

Asheba Delor - female human, high priestess of Frosthollow.  Though new to this post, she continues to do what she can for her charges in this town.

Angus Firebrand - male dwarf. Angus owns the Fire Bridge Inn.  He is a friendly dwarf who always has a sharp comment for those that ask dumb questions (or just too many questions!). He is perpetually harried and does not have much time to chat, that is unless some coin is to be had.

Aryken Smythe - male human.  Aryken is a small, quiet little man who has a talent for hearing and seeing things that others miss. He is the man to go to for information on happenings in Frosthollow.

Myra Kenly - female human.  Myra is the new extremely beautiful waitresses at the Fire Bridge Inn in Frosthollow.  She is quite young (about 14 years of age).  She serves customers breakfast in their rooms in the mornings, and loves to tell tall tales with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a teenager that does not understand the consequences of making up stories.

Anna - Frightened woman encountered near the Frosthollow well.

The Red Sage (deceased) - male human, wizard who dwelt in Frosthollow.  He was known for his age and wisdom, always willing to help out Frosthollow in times of trouble. He met an unseemly demise at the hands of a sphere of annihilation, which still remains in his house in frosthollow (off-limits to all by order of the mayor)

Lord Eston - male human, rules the Northridge Citadel  (a.k.a. Eston Manor)

Ithixial - male green dragon - Self-proclaimed rules of the Northridge Citadel, he first talked with Borag about bringing more orcs to the keep, then attacked the party, but flew away before they could slay him.

Theoric - Mimic - Though called 'chest' by his former master Lord Eston, he has been renamed by the cleric Osric, and now accompanies the party in search of the Lord.  As long as he remains well fed he seems to be useful and trustworthy.

Tarien - male Elven ranger - The current leader of the elves of Aneil.  He was responsible for killing the traitor Navae.

Navae (deceased?) - male Elven wizard - The elf who brought down the curse of Aniel by using the magical gem called the Galadiir.  He is rumored to be in league with dark gods.

Revan (deceased) - male Elven wizard - Former master wizard of Aniel, keeper of the magical gem called the Galadiir.  He was killed by his apprentice Navae.  Revan is a bloodline decendant of Galad.

Galad  (deceased) - male elfin wizard - A powerful Elven wizard who lived long ago.  He is rumored to have created the Galadiir, a magical gem whose power was used to save the Elven town of Aniel from some great danger.



Langston is a small town of around 2,000 inhabitants (Human 96%, Halfling 2%, Half-elf 1% Other 1%), with another 300 farmers, woodsmen, and others in the surrounding countryside. The town has grown on the strength of its location at the midpoint of a major trade route. It is surrounded by fertile farmland, making it a popular stop for merchants who carry fresh produce to larger cities. Although the town's economy is primarily agrarian, the plenitude of wood coming from nearby forests also allows a community of local craftsmen to thrive. In addition to this, the low rate of taxation allows for many small shops to make a decent living trading with the caravans that come through the town on a regular basis. All of this commerce has attracted the attention of thieves as well, although the local guild is rather benevolent and even has a decent reputation locally. The local lord is Allan Godfrey, a good man who lets the townsfolk go about their business with only minimal interference and taxation. 


The small town of Frosthollow has a somewhat better reputation than other lawless frontier towns, but not by much. The presence of a large clan of half-orcs in the city (Human 91%, Dwarf 3%, Half-orc 3%, Halfling 1%, Half-elf 1% Other 1%) ensures that no day goes by without at least a minor altercation. Despite this, many good people have come to live in the city, and for reasons unknown a sage of some renown, known locally only as the Red Sage, has chosen to make his home here. The city lives mainly off its logging interests, being situated between a large forest and a fast-flowing river. The woodsmen live at the extremes, going out on long cutting forays and then taking their pleasure at the city's many taverns and houses of ill repute after sending the logs down river. When the woodsmen came back from their most recent trip, however, there was no river in which to deposit their hard-won gains.  The Fire Bridge Inn, at the center of Frosthollow gives good rooms with good food served in the rooms daily by the fetching Myra Kenly.  Many a folk pay the 1gp per night, per person, for this privilege.

Eston Manor

Eston Manor is a very nice fortress that sits atop a hill abutting a large acreage of farm country and forest. Lord Eston's lands are quite peaceful for the most part, being home to very few monsters or tribes of evil humanoids.  The keep was home to around three dozen warriors and an equal number of servants and other permanent residents, and it almost always had at least another twenty or so people staying at the inn, taking care of business in the region, or attending a conference with Lord Eston himself.  The manor is still in good shape, despite a few months of neglect and the ravagings of several humanoid tribes. None of the walls have been damaged. The exterior walls (18' high) are all built of 18-inch thick stone (Hardness 8, hp 270 per 5-ft. section) and the gate is built of one-foot-thick logs (Hardness 5, hp 120 per 5-ft. section). All interior buildings are built of wood except for the central tower, which is built of stone similar to the exterior walls.  There is now known to be an entrance to the Elemental plane of water located in caverns beneath Eston manor.


The great metropolis of Bluffside is located about a week's ride west of Langston.  Bluffside is a city built on a cliff, with Old City existing as a crescent around a cape, and the rest of the place surrounding it on all sides (including the island called "Sordadon" part ways out into the water).  There is much activity in the shipyards below as well as additional activity in caves within the cliff itself.  The riches of Bluffside come chiefly from the abundance of adamantine found in the surrounding mountains.  

Bluffside is a republic, owing allegiance to no king or emperor.  The current city mayor is Horatio Hollingsworth who is, yet again, up for re-election.  An important issue the town is facing is the institution of a city-wide sales tax, which council member Wilton Blander is in favor of, and council member Samantha Pomander is the chief proponent against.  Recently, the tax has been passed by the council, but there are signs of unrest in the streets.

The magical aspects of the town are chiefly run by the Grand Wizard Finus Lomusin, who has the distinction of being the head of the the famous Academy of Arcane Arts, but also recently founded the Library of of the Magical and the Mundane, which is so popular that it threatens the existence of the city's older Teacher's Library.

Military aspects of the city are handled by Admiral Kale Benocia, who also runs the Naval Academy, and by Reginald Oakfirst, who leads the prestigious Bluffside regulars, fighters and ranger which act a militia, guards, and scouts.

There is a great deal of art and culture in the city, especially old city, including the recently opened Museum of Sem La Va, which is dedicated to displaying the artifacts of the ancient Sem La Va culture which have been recently discovered near Bluffside.

Undercity, a general term for all the areas built into the cliff, contains most of the city's population, and most of its undesirable elements as well.  There are rumors of a powerful thieves guild operating out of The Coach and Six Market in Undercity.

Celedon Forest

The Celedon Forest is a large area of mostly humanoid uninhabited forest hundreds of miles wide.  It begins about two days ride south of Langston.


The fabled town of Aneil is legendary for being the only known fully ethereal town.  Though records are incomplete on how it became so, it is said to lie somewhere in the Celedon forest, and is inhabited by a race of ethereal elves.  Not much is known about Aneil, but most of what is comes from a report by a cleric of the wanderer who states that Aneil came by its current predicament when a traitorous elf, fell victim to an evil god and used a magical gem called the Galadiir to curse the town just after he was struck down.