The Chronicles of Astinus

Appendix IV - Extraplaner Interactions

Chapter 14 - The Adventures of the Heroes of Goodlund

The Heroes of Goodlund, as the group has come to be remembered, travelled to Krynn through a Mirror of Portals from a world known as Greyhawk.  Though little is known of their world this tale (from a Kender, so its veracity is much in doubt) describes how they came to this realm.

In an inn in a small hamlet known as Glick, the adventurers are enjoying their dinners when a man named Barnabus has the innkeeper interrupt the minstrels for an announcement.  The nearby town of Nixx two days journey to the north is being assaulted by a giant (later found to be merely an ogre), and they need help in stopping it, though the haven't any warriors among themselves.  The Adventurers: Athrik, the Dwarven warrior, Trundle the young mage, and Emil the rouge, step up to the challenge and agree to help.  Later, Amrilan the druid follows the three, thus completing the well known quartet.

Upon reaching the small town, the adventurers immediately strike out into the large forest known as the Tanglewood to find the ogre.  Though the trail splits a few times, Athrik's ranger skills do allow the party to continue along the right track.  However, when night nears, it is decided that heading back to the village for a guide would be more prudent.  The following day, with the aid of a young boy guide, the party takes a different trail deep into the forest to visit Stevie, a witch and carekeeper of Nixx and the Tanglewood who has not been seen for several months.

A full day of traveling brings the party near to their destination, they press on a bit, but make camp just short of their destination.

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And so, having located the children (and Twill's) cell, Stevie tells the party to make best speed back to her house (the one they first entered Krynn through) and she would meet them there.

Upon their arrival, Stevie was indeed waiting, having made any preparations for the player's return journey through the mirror of portals (now that the crystal was recovered from the Kender).  The heroes step through simultaneously, back to their home world and are never seen on Krynn again.