Mystic Character Class

A mystic is a champion of chosen causes. They use both sword and magic alike. They cast both divine and arcane spells chosen from spell domains. As sorcerers gain magic from within rather than from careful study, mystics gain magic and power from within instead of from a deity. Adventurers: Mystic adventurers are usually highly polarized zealots championing their chosen causes. They use any means necessary, magical and mundane, to achieve their goals. Alignment: A Mystics first calling is to her alignment. Neutrality is not something a mystic understands. Though, rarely, mystics have been known to change their allegiances, tackling the new one just as zealously as the old. Religion: Though many mystics do worship gods, many do not do so religiously, as their power comes from within. If they do choose a deity she will always been of the same alignment as the mystic.


Many mystics come by their power in response to a traumatic event in childhood. An evil band of renegades sacking a child's hometown may give a mystic his first cause (to champion lawful, good, and protection) and she learns to channel both the magical energy as well as learning the ways of the combat.


Mystics come from all races.

Other Classes:

Mystics have the most in common with paladins and sorcerers, though unlike either they are more a mix between the two, neither relying on either the sword nor the magic to completely deal with their opponents.


A Mystics role is very often chosen by his alignment and domain selections. Healing domain mystics often serve as a party healer, while knowledge domain mystics often serve as guru.

Game Rule Information:

Hit Die: d8

Alignment: Any non-neutral

Class Skills:

Concentration (Con) Craft (Int) Diplomacy (Cha) Heal (Wis) Knowledge (Int) Arcana Nature Religion Profession (Wis) Spellcraft (Int)

Skill Point/lvl = 2 + Int

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:

All simple weapons Light and medium armor all shields (except tower)


Wisdom based (10+lvl) Sorcerer spell progression and bonus spells

Spells Known:

A Mystic has access to spells based on clerical domains. At first level, she has access to domain spells for her alignment (e.g. Chaos and Good) and 1 more of her choosing (non-alignment domains only). Domain powers are granted normally. Over time a mystic finds new causes to champion, At fourth level and every four levels thereafter a mystic gains access to another domain. Spell trigger items and scrolls are restricted to those spells a mystic already knows, but scrolls can be either divine or arcane. A mystic's alignment can change (and the accessible spells changing as well) but if she becomes neutral she loses access to the appropriate alignment domain. Mystics turn or rebuke undead as a cleric.

Bonus Languages:


Save and BAB progression:

As cleric